Ethnic Minority Achievement Department

Welcome to Ethnic Minority Achievement at CoLA Highbury Grove 

The EMA department aims to:

  • To reduce levels of under-achievement of ethnic minority students and improve curriculum access and achievement of all students.
  • To provide increased opportunities for communication and information dissemination to involve parents and carers in the education and personal development of their child.
  • To improve home/school communication through translation and interpretation services.
  • To provide in-class support and additional intensive English language classes for targeted ethnic minority students, beginner learners, including newly arrived students who need additional curriculum support
  • To ensure students’ prior learning and experience is acknowledged and accredited, for example by gaining GCSE and AS level in their home language
  • To increase whole school knowledge, understanding and appreciation of different cultures.
  • To raise the evidence and profile of bilingualism visibly and audibly within the school.
  • To extend provision for students to share in heritage activities such as music, dance and art as well as experiencing the arts in the wider world.
  • To provide opportunities for children’s learning and homework completion to be supported outside of school hours.

The EMA Team

Miss Paulina Wittchen – Head of Ethnic Minority Achievement (working with early learners KS3/KS4, specialist TESOL, cross curricular support)

EAL (English as an Additional Language) Support

Although the school believes bilingual children learn and develop relationships and social skills best within mainstream, some children may need withdrawal in small groups for up to three periods a week for a given length of time.  Examples of such children might be those who have had no previous experience of educational/literacy or numeracy, children who may have a sensory or other impairment which has already been shown to have impeded their language and literacy development in home language, children who are suffering from shock/post-traumatic stress. Individualised intensive language, literacy and numeracy programmes for these children are planned and delivered by the EMA department in consultation with mainstream teachers and outcomes are reported to parents and teachers. The Ethnic Minority Achievement Department helps EAL students to make progress through different stages of English language acquisition ensuring they have equal access to all aspects of the curriculum

EAL Withdrawal Lessons

This is small group withdrawal classes (up to 8 students) for beginner learners of English. Withdrawal lessons have a clear structure and aim that address specific English language needs of the students involved. Students are withdrawn from Mainstream lessons for 3 lessons every week.

Students are identified by the EMA coordinator based on the time the student has been in the UK (usually up to 24 months).

Refugees and Asylum Seekers – Essential Knowledge

Refugees or asylum seekers are people, whose principle reason for entering another country is that they are fleeing war or persecution in their own country. The importance of education to the social integration of asylum seeker pupils cannot be over-emphasised. All staff have a duty not only to welcome and care for refugee and asylum seekers at Highbury Grove but to familiarise themselves with the information available on the School’s Basedata. Staff should keep records of information on the new arrivals in their lessons so that they can respond to the social and academic needs of children who may for example be vulnerable, “unaccompanied”, in-care, “looked-after” or suffer from trauma or stress.

Date of Entry to the UK

Details of the child’s previous educational experience and date of entry to the school provide teachers with crucial information for planning, monitoring, evaluating children’s progress in English within mainstream lessons. This information is found in the Student Details section of SIMs

Projects and Partnerships

  • Access to School Programme for New International Arrivals

The key points about the KS4 access to schooling programme:

  • The recognition of the additional challenges school may face securing effective support for late international new arrivals into KS4.
  • The same admission practices as for usual mid-phase admissions.
  • The impact measured by tracking interventions and monitoring outcomes
  • Creative ESOL partnership 2014-2016

The Creative ESOL sessions focus on developing confidence in speaking English, and focus on developing functional language skills through creative drama activities.

The broad aims of the sessions are:

  • To provide an interesting and exciting experience in learning English
  • To enable students from different age groups to learn from each other and contribute to language acquisition
  • To develop students’ creative and expressive talents
  • To share high quality teaching resources and effective strategies with participating teachers
  • To develop friendships through drama activities
  • Please explore link below for further details of this programme.

Creative ESOL pictures

  • Trips
  • Boat Trips Pictures
  • Refugee Week Celebrations
  • Refugee Week Celebration pictures and clips
  • Celebrating Cultural and Linguistic Diversity
  • Community Fair Festival Pictures
  • International Mother Language Day Celebration Wednesday 26th February 2014
  • Refugee Week Art Competition 2016

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